1. Barlume
    Barlume is reminiscent of the fifties with its gentle, delightful forms and the highly polished chromium plating which alternates opaline and pastel colors. Ideal for trendy, fashionable places.
  2. Modern
    Sober and elegant like a luxury limousine, “Modern” is the versatile option for a young, functional look.
  1. B2013
    Very reliable and easy to use, with volumetric group control, automatic forther on the right hand side and a traditional steam arm on the left, along with a hot water outlet.
  2. Ellisse
    The revamped Bezzera ELLISSE is the perfect compromise between modernity and tradition, a robust commercial espresso machine with the temperature of each group independently controlled by PID.
  3. Domus Galatea
    Domus Galatea
    Featuring a 2 litre boiler for massive steam power, it makes short work of stretching micro-foam milk to perfection and allows you to brew shot after exquisite shot with ease. Contact us for a quote.
  1. MVP Hydra
    MVP Hydra
    Building on the numerous tools provided by the MVP, the MVP Hydra offers even more ways to simultaneously increase control and repeatability in espresso making.
  2. MVP
    The MVP maintains the epic standards set by the Cyncra, including Synesso’s unparalleled thermal stability, user-friendly controls, and reliability. Yet, Synesso knows that consistent repeatability is the essential need for all espresso machine owners and users.
  3. Cyncra
    The Cyncra™ has been the bedrock of our line since 2004. It is the evolution and the embodiment the Synesso Standard. This machine rapidly gained a devoted following among baristas and café owners around the world and continues to impress today with its stability, durability and ongoing baseline improvements
  1. Delux D3V20A
    Delux D3V20A
    The Deluxe three group is designed to perform under pressure. It has a quick recovering boiler for extraction to keep up with demand. It comes standard with pre infusion, and follows the Boema motto of reliability and dependability.
  2. DELUXE D2V15A
    It has a quick recovering boiler for extraction to keep up with demand. The volumetric touchpad helps take the guess work out of making that perfect cup of coffee. Available in 7 colours
  3. Caffe CC2S15A
    Caffe CC2S15A
    The robust design of the Caffè with its brushed stainless steel sides offers quality as well as performance. The Boema Caffè two group gives you the workhorse-like performance you require in your business.

  1. Coffee Prime
    Coffee Prime
    Schaerer Coffee Prime has got one of the easiest cleaning milk systems in the industry, no cleaning agent, no cleaning water, no cleaning time, just exchange a disposal NcFoamer once a week for a complete and hygienic system clean.
  2. Coffee Art
    Coffee Art
    Schaerer Coffee Art and put you at the leading edge of the modern world of coffee by giving you access to a multitude of possibilities.
  3. Coffee Art Best Foam
    Coffee Art Best Foam
    Barista inside. Best foam means you can create hot or cold beverages with the appearance of professionally made foam, with a push of a button.
  4. Coffee Vito
    Coffee Vito
    Small restaurants, bars, offices, cafés and kiosks: wherever outstanding quality and simple operation are the order of the day, the Schaerer Coffee Vito is the perfect choice.